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Parsi Club - Phiroj Clubwala Memorial Hall, and The Pavilion


To honour Phiroj Clubwala after his death, the community bought a building called Greenfields in 1927, and made it both a memorial hall and a club, with a separate indoor badminton court which was opened in 1930, and where many popular badminton tournaments were held. The community now had a meeting place where members could participate in sports and cultural activities and celebrate festivals and marriages.


  In 1980, the Parsi Club was completely renovated largely due to the efforts of Mr J H Tarapore and Mrs Mani Jehangir CIubwala. Mrs Sherry Batliwala & Mr. Noshir Ratnagar led the community in the production of a series of plays that  proved to be good fundraisers. Much later, the main hall underwent extensive renovations and was fully airconditioned for the Agiary’s Centenary on 10 July 2010. The community extends their deep gratitude to Mr & Mrs Darius Bahadurji and Mr & Mrs Darayes Dalal, since their generous contributions, added to the contributions from the three community organisations, made these expensive upgradations possible. Similarly, the badminton Pavilion also was refurbished  with the support of funds from Darius and Tehnaz Bahadurji, and inaugurated on 21 March, 2018 nearing the approach of the Agiari’s 110th anniversary.

Air conditioning and renovating these two halls has been very important for the community, as renting them out has created a steady income stream that has provided long term financial security, as well as the finances to repair and renovate all the Anjuman properties in the short term. Chennai has had a minor influx of young people coming here on jobs, and they have benefited from this economical housing. It has also encouraged a few of them to stay on and put down roots, which replenishes the youthful energy and vigour of the community.

There is another residential building on Arathoon Road, whose income is dedicated to the Dar-e-Meher, which currently requires extensive maintenance.

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